Wealthfront Career Launching Companies 2021

StreamSets Named to Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies 2021 List

StreamSets, the industry’s first data operations platform, has been named to the Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies 2021 list. The list recognizes companies with thoughtful leadership, technical excellence and employee well-being. StreamSets also recently made the list of the InsideBIGDATA Impact 50 for Q4 2020.

Wealthfront offers an online financial planning tool and claims to have 450k users and $28 billion in assets under management. In addition to managing your investments, Wealthfront also provides a free financial planning capability. Wealthfront can help you achieve financial goals, from retirement to college savings to a windfall.

To get started with Wealthfront, you’ll need to link all of your financial accounts. You can use Wealthfront for free, but you need to have a minimum balance $500 before you can start investing. Wealthfront offers more than just managing your investments. It also offers cash management, borrowing, and ETFs. The cash account is open at no cost and will pay a 0.35% interest rate. You can also access ATMs without paying a fee.

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