Vtech Car

VTech Cars – Intelligent Vehicles For Children

VTech’s Intelligent Vehicles are classic play vehicles designed to help children develop eye-hand coordination and motor skills. These vehicles respond to your child’s actions with fun sounds and phrases. Each model has a light-up button that enables your child to hear sing-along songs and phrases. Pressing the light-up button on your child’s VTech car also enables them to learn the letter “R” with fun sound effects.

These engines employ a variable valve timing system to optimize the timings of intake and exhaust valves. This system gives a boost at higher speeds while still delivering excellent fuel economy. VTEC engines can be found in vehicles such as the Honda Accord and Honda Civic Si. Some vehicles have cylinder activation.

These toys are not cheap, but VTech makes great toys for young children. These toys are not made of cheap materials and are ideal gifts for kids of all ages. These cars are available at stores like Walmart and Target. Whether you are buying a gift for your child or buying one for yourself, a VTech car is a great gift for the child on your list.

These cars are built with a VTEC engine, which stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. This system improves the volumetric efficiency of four-stroke engines by increasing airflow and exhaust gas flow. This results in more horsepower at higher RPM and lower fuel consumption in the lower RPMs.

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