Vivienne Westwood Vintage Purse

Vivienne Westwood Vintage Purse

Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood is one of the most influential designers today. She is renowned for her daring aesthetic and stunning designs.

Vivienne Westwood offers an eclectic range of high-end clothing and accessories inspired by the world around her. The label has been a go-to among fashionistas since the 60s, when its iconic tartan prints and bustles first graced the runway.

Dame Vivienne Westwood has had a distinguished career in the fashion industry, having launched her namesake label with husband Malcolm McLaren in 1971. Initially a jewelry maker, Westwood developed an interest in designing clothes after falling in love and sharing an affinity for punk rock culture with him.

Her initial collections were inspired by music and film, particularly Marlon Brando’s films and Audrey Hepburn’s. Her designs featured an edgy sense of style with a strong focus on femininity – something which still permeates today in her women’s bags.

This stunning vintage purse from Vivienne Westwood features a large canvas tote with multicolored leather handles and piping. Imported from Japan, the bag is in good condition overall; minor stains on the outside but not visible when looking from the front, some leather parts have yellowed with age and use, but otherwise everything inside remains in excellent condition with all zippers working smoothly.

As an aspiring designer, Vivienne Westwood opened her first shop on King’s Road with her husband in 1971 and soon began dressing up his band the Sex Pistols. Her designs revolutionized fashion and punk culture alike; ultimately making Westwood’s brand a global phenomenon.

She was an early pioneer of the DIY aesthetic that would become associated with punk rock. Her fashion line reinterpreted traditional codes with a contemporary spin, fusing together punk rock attitude and classic elegance.

Vivienne Westwood is a British designer whose style draws heavily on her multicultural roots. A self-taught designer, she has achieved great success in the fashion industry.

Westwood, with her background in the jewellery industry, is an artist and designer with a powerful sense of self-expression. She’s also known for being a social activist; many credit her designs with helping shape British fashion culture.

Her most renowned design was the Anglomania corset, which became a worldwide trend in 1993 and continues to influence today’s industry. Additionally, she has collaborated with Greenpeace by designing their logo and using recycled materials in her collections.

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