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Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera Could Be Getting Back Together

Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera have been one of the most contentious couples on Bachelor in Paradise, but it appears they may be on the verge of reconciliation. After an explosive breakup and tense confrontation on After Paradise, Goodkind has kept up with Ventiera since their show ended, sparking rumors of a potential reunion when seen snuggling and flirting during a late August flight from Los Angeles to New York, Us Weekly reports.

After Paradise

On the first night of paradise, Izzy and Vinny seemed like a hot couple. However, their lives took an unexpected turn when Brett Melnick arrived in the villa. Once Izzy discovered she had feelings for Brett, she broke up with Vinny and ultimately left paradise empty-handed.

Now, Izzy has moved on and is dating Matt. According to an interview she gave US Weekly in February, they’ve been friends for years before beginning their relationship this past February.

She posted photos of them on Instagram demonstrating their joy and infatuation, so he clearly knows how to treat her right!

Before we can move forward with our lives and forget all about Izzy and Vinny, they must again meet. And this time, there will be plenty of drama!

On Tuesday, August 8th, Bachelor in Paradise returns with another episode that promises more of the same drama currently gripping paradise but with some unexpected twists and turns. Former Bachelor stars Tanner and Jade Tolbert will make an appearance to hand out date cards that give couples a chance to win each other’s hearts.

All the couples who have been in paradise will now get to meet one another, and everyone is eager to see who has been chosen. However, tensions in paradise have already reached new heights due to Izzy and Vinny’s split, so who knows what might transpire next!

Izzy and Vinny’s relationship is still on edge, with tension still running high. She’s still uncertain if she wants to date him again, while Vinny is unsure whether he wants it either way. Fortunately, Izzy will give them both the opportunity to discuss their problems and come to a resolution together.

On Monday night’s episode, Izzy hesitated to tell Vinny her feelings for Brett due to fear it would be too difficult for him to handle. Ultimately, however, she admitted her attraction and decided that it wasn’t just physical attraction; something quite different from when she first started on paradise.

Now that she’s returned from paradise, Izzy is eager to explore her options again! She shares that she “got this feeling” when Brett arrived and feels the urge to go on a date with him.

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