Victoria Secret Over The Knee Boots

Victoria’s Secret Over the Knee Boots

Victoria’s Secret Show production takes place over an entire year, so models need to keep their wardrobes up-to-date with everything from lingerie to accessories. One item spotted regularly on runways over recent years has been an over-the-knee boot. Not only is this style flattering but also adds an edge to any look whether wearing skinny jeans and sweater or even just casual wear like mini dresses and sweaters. Victoria’s Secret models have made the over-the-knee boot trend mainstream by sporting it alongside their lingerie looks; moreover some brands even offer mass versions at more reasonable price points!

This year’s runway extravaganza saw Angels walk down Shanghai streets in high-octane outfits, dazzled audiences with performances by musicians like Rita Ora, Kelsey Ballerini, Bebe Rexha, The Chainsmokers and Shawn Mendes; their models stole the show!

Elsa Hosk, Cindy Bruna and Sara Sampaio made an eye-catching statement in a set of celestial-themed wings modeled by Elsa Hosk, Cindy Bruna and Sara Sampaio on the runway. These celestial-themed wings featured stars and moon designs with over 55,000 crystals adorning each of the wings; to match this stunning piece they also donned boots featuring celestial designs to complete their ensembles.

Stuart Weitzman created some of the sexiest boots seen on the runway this season, which both Gigi Hadid and Romee Strijd donned for their high-octane looks. These chic shoes added an elegant finishing touch to outfits featuring strappy heels with sheer cape overlays; Romee Strijd complemented hers with black lace dresses for an effortlessly glamorous finish.

At the show, other celebrities also took to the runway to showcase their seductive looks, such as model and actress Candice Swanepoel (25), who wowed crowds with her eye-catching black over-the-knee boots that made an already striking look even more eye-catching. Her look included an all-black minidress topped off with crushed velvet jacket – making this eye-catching combo all the more eye-catching.

Liu Wen was another star who turned heads with their seductive looks, flaunting red, yellow and green feathered wings that she combined with plaid lingerie and thigh-high boots that featured the same design.

Other VS models opted for more subtle fashion statements, with sheer bodysuits teamed with thigh-high boots creating a barely-there appearance. Their outfits were accessorized with bold lips, statement earrings and sleek hair for an alluring and sultry aesthetic.

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