Vantablack Car Wrap

What is the VantaBlack Car Wrap?

The Vantablack car wrap is a unique design solution that is applied on the outside of a vehicle to make it look even more luxurious. This coating is made of carbon nanotubes, which are about 5,000 times thinner than human hair and fit into a square centimeter. As a result, it can hide imperfections while giving a striking look to your car.

HyperShift paint is used to create the color. After the Musou Black has been applied, an undercoating of naphtha thinner is applied to create the color-shift layer. The result is a sparkly, shimmering finish. Vantablack has a purple undertone despite its dark appearance. BMW recently unveiled its X6 with a Vantablack car wrap. Unfortunately, the car was displayed in a room full of neon lights, which made it difficult to appreciate the body color.

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