Two Beers Please In Spanish

How to Order Two Beers Please in Spanish

When ordering drinks in Spanish, there are a few different methods to do so. The simplest option is simply saying “Ir de canas” (I want a beer). This phrase works similarly in most countries where English is spoken; however, in Spain you might need to be more specific or use an alternate form of ‘pues’ (as discussed below)!

A Cana is a Small Glass of Beer

Spain’s most common type of beer is the cana, usually the size of half a pint. Locals usually order this because it’s slightly smaller than a pint and more suitable for summer months when temperatures in Spain tend to be higher.

A Cana is the ideal alternative if you don’t feel like drinking draft beer. Many bars and restaurants offer them in glass bottles, with various sizes depending on what kind they use. This makes ordering a cana easier for bartenders in Spain as they won’t spill any on you.

Another option is to get a mediana, which is a bottle of beer. The most common size is 330ml and this is often what the bartender asks for when you order your cana. Alternatively, you could order a tercio which is one third of a litre and often how people who come from outside Catalunya prefer their beer.

Some people enjoy mixing a cana with lemon soda, known as la clara in Spanish. This combination is made up of half beer and fizzy lemonade and tends to be stronger than its lager or ale counterparts.

In Spain, having a cana with lemon soda is a refreshing drink that’s ideal when you want something lighter than your typical beer! Some places will even top it off with an extra slice of citrus for extra zestiness.

If you’re uncertain which beer to order when in Spain, here is a handy list of what types of beers you can order: beer without alcohol (beer sin alcohol) and cervezas muy fras or ‘cold beers’. So no need to fret when visiting a Spanish-speaking bar – we’ve got everything covered!

Two Beers Please in Spanish

Are you planning a trip abroad where Spanish is spoken or have recently returned from studying abroad in that language, knowing how to ask for a beer can be invaluable. With proper language skills, it will improve communication and allow you to fully enjoy your trip.

When it comes to beer, Spanish-speakers know their hops! With an incredible range of styles and brands to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect beer no matter where in Spain you travel.

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