Trevor May Wife

The Wealth and Attractive Personality of Trevor May’s Wife

The wealth and attractive personality of Trevor May’s wife is a major attraction. They have been married for four and have three children. Their relationship is well documented on their official website. The couple met at a fan convention and were soon hitched. Their wedding was memorable because Steve Maida became their best friend. After the wedding, they began dating and were very close. The couple has a long and beautiful history together.

Kate May

Kate Might, wife of actor Trevor Might, got married on November 12, 2016. The couple have been married for 11 years, but there were no marital controversies. As of the latest information, the couple do not have any children. They have no plans to have children and live a happy, fulfilled life. Kate was born in Seattle, Washington, on April 10, 1992. She is a user experience designer. She mentions in her bio that she is a cat mother.

Despite being a professional gamer, May has a massive list of assets. Winston’s Lab is one of his businesses, which measures Overwatch League performance. Trevor May and Kate have been married for four years, and their children are three and two. They have two sons and a daughter. Their family lives in Washington, and the couple has been living in the same place since 2006.

Kate May is a Twitter user and shares interesting images with her followers. The Instagram account she uses, @heykatemay, has about 2000 followers. She posts about fashion, food, and pets. Her bio also lists her cat as her favorite thing. Their cause stream was started in November 2021. She has shared 49 posts. Trevor May, meanwhile, has 196k followers. She joined Twitter in May 2009, while Trevor has 196k followers.

While being a professional gamer, Trevor May also has a love for eSports. He has been associated with Twitch and Luminosity Gaming. He is a Libra and enjoys playing video games. The couple has not had children despite being married for 10 years. They are still in love and continue to share beautiful pictures with their fans.

Trevor May’s net worth

There are several ways to find out about Trevor May’s net worth, including examining his baseball career. Previously, he played for the Minnesota Twins, and he has signed a two-year, $15 million contract with the New York Mets. In addition to the money he earned from baseball, he also owns a property that is worth approximately $5 million. His net worth is estimated to increase in the coming years, as his salary increases and his contract lengthens.

His net worth is still relatively low, despite his impressive career. The American is currently 32 years old, and his net worth is just $10 million. May was born in Longview, Washington. He graduated from Kelso High School back in 2008. He is also a professional EDM producer and has partnered with Twitch for several years. May co-founded Winston’s Lab in 2012, a company that creates video games.

The young man’s parents are not well-known to the media, but they are both Americans. He grew up in Washington and is currently a player for the New York Mets. His father invented the microchip technology that allows baseball players to use the chipmunk for a bat. Although May isn’t well-known outside of baseball, May’s parents are.

Despite his relatively recent success, his net worth is still quite small. Sources claim that he has not made any public appearances in the media or released his income statements. His net worth is estimated at around $12 million. If you are wondering how much Trevor May is worth, we have the answers you’ve been looking for. We can’t give you a complete list of all he has done, but we can help.

May made his major league debut in September 2014, but he started his professional career as a minor league player for the Philadelphia Phillies. His earnings from the minor leagues were therefore estimated to have been around $3 million. His average annual salary was $900,000. His salary for the previous season was $650,000. He was traded to the Twins in order to acquire Ben Revere. He was injured and did not last long in Twins.

His marital status

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His hobbies

May was a DJ as a young man. He went by the nicknames “DJ Hey Beef”, and “Mayser”. He enjoys playing video games, which is one of his many hobbies. He has more than 178,000 followers on the Twitch streaming website. Recently, he and his wife Kate adopted a second cat, Donnie. They also adopted Elsie, a cat named Elsie. The kitty, named Elsie, was adopted from a homeless shelter in Seattle. Last season, May even had a cardboard cutout of Elsie on the field, but she won’t sleep on it.

In addition to music, May is an avid DJ. He is a fastballer in the mid-90s and loves to play against other players. In Seattle, DJing has become a full-time job. He also did postgame shows for the Philadelphia Phillies affiliate in Reading. He also enjoys reading and traveling. His hobbies are as varied as his personality. His wife, Kate, grew up in a house that was filled with music.

While playing video games on the mound, May is an avid gamer. He spent hours in his basement playing “World of Warcraft” as a child in Kelso, Wash. As a teenager, May spent his free time on the video game, which increased his skills on the mound. He has his own Twitch channel where he interacts and plays games with fans.

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