Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea Peach Caffeine

Does Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea Peach Caffeine Contain Caffeine?

Does Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea Peach Contain Caffeine Yes, the drink contains caffeine. Each can contains approximately 30 milligrams – roughly one third the amount found in one cup of coffee – making this drink safe to drink in moderation. For those concerned about excessive levels of caffeine in their beverage consumption, Trader Joe’s also provides various other alternatives including herbal teas and sparkling waters as alternatives.

Caffeine is an all-natural stimulant, known to increase energy levels and enhance mental performance. But too much caffeine consumption can have negative side effects like jitters or insomnia; thus it is important to be mindful about the caffeine content of any beverage you drink and take note of how much is in each cup or bottle you purchase.

Trader Joe’s Sparkling Black Tea with Peach Juice is an invigorating beverage crafted from brewed black tea, carbon dioxide and peach juice – lightly sweetened with cane sugar – without artificial flavors or preservatives for an enjoyable alternative to soda pop. Available in 16-ounce cans for convenient drinking!

Drinks containing significant carbs should only be included as part of a keto diet in moderation and with an eye toward no more than 20-30g net carbs per day, using this keto carb calculator as your guideline.

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