Tommy The Clown Pictures

Tommy the Clown Pictures

Thomas Johnson, better known by his stage name Tommy the Clown, has been working with inner city youth for 28 years. During that time he developed the dance style known as Krumping from Hip Hop clown birthday party acts and expanded it into an international phenomenon that brought him local and national acclaim – performing for Madonna and Pamela Anderson as well as being featured prominently in David LaChapelle’s 2015 documentary Rize.

Tommy the Clown Academy performs in Elementary Schools, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, Senior Centers, Festivals, Theaters and more – using humor, audience participation, magic juggling and plate spinning to keep children engrossed in his performances. Furthermore he teaches children dance, cheerleading and krumping skills; giving them an opportunity to participate in professional shows or host their own.

Tommy’s program not only teaches young children circus arts and physical tricks, but it also serves to keep them off drugs and gangs. Even former criminals are sent back into Tommy’s Clown Academy after being released from incarceration!

Although their program has had positive results, there can still be challenges associated with clowns that make building relationships with the community challenging. Clowns often carry an unfortunate reputation due to natural dislike for face paint and costumes worn by clowns as well as social fears related to clowns that make building relationships challenging.

Evil clowns have long been a fixture of popular culture, appearing in films, television programs, and video games. Some notable instances include serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s “Pogo the Clown” persona, Cacophony Society clowns in art movements such as Neo-Situatism or Batman’s Joker; along with their demented or demonic appearance used both comedically and horror films to communicate feelings of both delight and fear characteristic of modern living.

Stephen King’s It has reignited our fascination with demented or demonic clowns, such as Pennywise from It. Other examples include Killer Clown of Middletown from Friday the 13th, Horny from Drive-Thru 2007, and Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal video games.

As people become increasingly fearful of clowns, many are beginning to avoid them altogether, some even refusing to attend clown-themed parties and events altogether; others rethinking career plans or their lives altogether. As a result, the number of clowns worldwide is declining, having an immediate effect on art forms that rely heavily on clowns: many young clowns fail to acquire skills necessary for survival in today’s marketplace.

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