Tim Drake Special Read Online

Tim Drake Special Read Online

DC Comics has done many wonderful things recently to promote diversity. Their 2022 line boasts some beautiful stories, but perhaps most notably brought out its first-ever coming-out story for one of its iconic characters: Tim Drake was particularly fitting since he has long had romantic connections with women – this makes his coming-out as bisexual even more significant!

This special features three stories featuring Tim coming to terms with his sexuality while finding happiness in life. Writer Meghan Fitzmartin and artists Belen Ortega and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque create a collection that explores every facet of Tim’s life from romances to family relationships – making this truly emotional.

While reading Tim Drake Special Read online, I was most struck by how Fitzmartin depicted Tim’s struggle with identity. She provides us with a glimpse into his thoughts as he seeks answers as to who he is and why he doesn’t “feel like himself”. Her captions during these moments made the story one of the most empathic depictions of young adults exploring sexuality that I’ve seen anywhere.

Tim and Ariana share another wonderful tale in this book; although their romance doesn’t progress too far in terms of intensity or depth. Tim manages to leave Ariana after spending some time alone and realizing she wasn’t interested anymore but couldn’t completely break up with her due to mutual obligations and relationships they both share with others.

This final story in this special is brand new and brings in some of the Batgirls to help Tim solve a case. Their teamwork showcases both their strong chemistry and friendship while stressing the importance of having an understanding community when struggling with sexuality issues. Ortega and Alburquerque’s art is breathtaking – effortlessly conveying both tenderness as well as terror when someone you care for is put at risk in each panel – sure to become favorites among many readers! This special is sure to remain one of your favorites.

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