Theme Song For Rob And Big

Theme Songs From Rob and Big

The MTV series Rob & Big follows the lives of professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his best friend Christopher Boykin. The first season featured eight episodes. The second season featured sixteen episodes and three recap specials. The show’s themes are often humorous, with the pair having a variety of fun and silly adventures. One episode featured a bulldog who joined the family after Big Black suggested. To celebrate the dog’s arrival, the Rob & Big throw a welcome-home party for the animal and its owner.

Rob Dyrdek

The Rob Dyrdek theme song is a popular one on television shows. The opening credits of the show feature the song, which was originally recorded for the movie. The song was created by a band named the Steel Panthers. It is also used in the opening theme for the show’s Fantasy Factory. Rob & Big featured the music of the band in its final episode. In the movie, the song was written and performed by Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, who had once played a part in the series.

Big Black

One of the most well-known songs in animation history is Rob and Big Black’s theme song. Originally called Rob and Big, the series has starred skateboarders, entrepreneurs, and mischief-makers. While most of the fans of the show are still unaware of the theme song, it is still a great way to remember this beloved show. The Rob and Big Black theme song features a soaring melody that reminds fans of Rob and Big’s classic theme song.

The title theme of the show is inspired by the characters’ names and the recurring songs in the series. The song is a recognizable part of the show, and can be found in the episodes’ opening and closing credits. The Rob and Big Black theme song was written by songwriters Jeremy Carver and Chris DeVito. Both stars were equally compensated for their roles. Rob Dyrdek wrote a touching tribute to Big Black in the wake of his death. He stated that Big will always be in his heart.

Christopher “Big Black” Boykin was a former star of MTV’s Rob and Big. The show lasted for 19 episodes before abruptly ending due to friction between the stars. Big Black had recently undergone a heart implant and was hospitalized in Texas. He passed away on May 9 from a heart attack. He was 45 years old at the time of his death. His daughter, Isis Rae and ex-wife Shannon Turley survived him.


“Meaty,” the theme song from the TV show Rob and Big, was released in 2004. The video features Meaty, a bulldog who joins Rob, Big, and Big in a portrait inspired from the Death Row Records song. Rob and Big are thrilled to welcome the puppy into their lives. However, it is not easy convincing the new addition. Rob and Big are up for the challenge.

The song was released as single and the duo needed a companion. They bought a miniature horse to help them do this. Although this proved to be a challenge, their new pet was a huge hit with the cast. They also tried to break into the modeling industry with a cereal box. Another fun episode involved giving the MTV Cribs a tour of their mansion, and Rob painted a giant mural of himself.

The show revolves around a pair of best friends, Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, who were dubbed as the “oddest couple on the planet” by MTV viewers. The couple, who already had two dogs, decided to celebrate Meaty’s arrival. To celebrate, the Three Six Mafia also appeared.

Drama and Rob became closer friends when they entered a Florida skateboarding contest together. They had to fight over a side bet of $5,000, which sparked a fight. Berra’s money ends up in Rob and Big’s pocket, but their friendship was undeniable and they soon made up. They even charter a party bus to Las Vegas.

Mini horse

The Mini Horse theme song features the equestrian community as a main character. This song is accompanied by a clip from the show’s theme song. Big and Rob adopt a miniature horse named Mini. Mini is the pet of the cast and has become a regular on the show. They also attempt to model with a cereal box. MTV Cribs was once given a tour of the couple’s home. Big’s giant skate ramp was epic and Rob built an awesome mural with it.

The Mini horse theme song is an appropriate choice, as the characters are often aggressive towards each other. The song is a fitting ode to the show’s most important relationship. The theme song for “Rob and Big” was written by Rob Dyrdek and features a song sung by Chris Pfaff, Rob’s cousin. This is one of the most loved Rob and Big songs.

The Mini horse theme song for Rob and Big is an apt choice, as it captures the show’s recurring character, the mini horse, as well as the gang’s dynamic. Rob Dyrdek loves Bob Dylan’s version of this song. Big was a close friend of Rob and Big, and his enduring friendship was immortalized in his song. Many fans have sung the song in tribute to the legendary character.

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