Tesla Remote Control Car

Tesla Remote Control Car Hacker Obtains Remote Control of Over 20 Tesla Electric Cars

A Tesla remote control car is designed to resemble the real thing, complete with LED headlights, upward opening doors, and a powerful motor. The remote control uses a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, allowing the car to travel at high speeds and handle tight turns. Unfortunately, the battery life is disappointing. It only lasts about 20 minutes of play before the remote needs to be recharged.

Nikola Tesla invented the technology behind Tesla’s remote control system. He first demonstrated it at the Electrical Exhibition of 1898, and later received patent no. 613,809 for his invention. Despite the absurdity of his claims, the US Patent Office approved it after Tesla presented a working prototype of the device to them.

The hacker claimed to be able to remotely control over 20 Tesla electric cars in 10 countries. It worked by using the company’s API keys and third-party software to get access to the cars. While this is obviously very dangerous, it does not necessarily mean that the hacker is trying to break into Tesla’s security.

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