Terry Crews Wife Shaking Hands

The Relationship Between Terry Crews and His Wife Rebecca King-Crews

Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca King-Crews are one of Hollywood’s most reliable couples. Although their 33 years together haven’t always been easy, they have persevered through every obstacle along the way to build a family, achieve success professionally, and become well-rounded individuals.

Rebecca and Terry met back in the ’80s while Rebecca was studying musical theater at Western Michigan University and Terry an NFL player. They wed in 1990 and have four children: Naomi, Azriel, Tera, and Wynfrey.

Rebecca and Terry didn’t experience love at first sight when they met during their time at the same university, though sparks weren’t immediately flying between them.

Terry and Michelle had a close-knit relationship, but there were some struggles that threatened to tear them apart. These included Terry’s addiction to pornography which led him to depression and PTSD.

As a result, he had to adjust his lifestyle and undergo therapy in order to overcome his struggles. Ultimately, after all of that he managed to win Rebecca over.

Rebecca is an incredibly talented woman, having achieved great success in the music industry. Not only is she a singer-songwriter, but she also runs several production companies for music and entertainment projects.

She has achieved great success in the industry and was nominated for SoulTracks Best New Artist Award in 2018. Her music career is heavily inspired by gospel and her Christian beliefs.

Her career has spanned three decades and it hasn’t always been easy, yet she has managed to remain focused on her goals and make her dreams a reality.

As a teenager, Rebecca began writing songs and has since been nominated for numerous awards. Additionally, she has directed and produced many shows throughout her career.

Despite her many accomplishments and successes in life, it still proves difficult for her to accept her failures. She says she experiences moments of PTSD due to being exposed to Terry’s secrets.

However, she never gives up and strives to improve herself. She believes that doing so will strengthen their relationship and benefit all of their lives in the long run.

She is a dedicated mother, taking care of her children and supporting them with their studies.

In her free moments, she loves teaching yoga and playing tennis. She cherishes spending time with friends as well as quality time with her family.

Her health has always been of the utmost concern and recently she underwent a double mastectomy to treat her breast cancer. Although this surgery was an important milestone in her journey, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Prior to her surgery, she experienced severe tremors in her hands and it was unusual for her to shake them. Fans were fascinated when she was seen doing this on Celebrity Game Face during several episodes, making the spectacle all the more intriguing.

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