Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal Bracelet

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift’s Bracelet

Jake Gyllenhaal quickly garnered attention online when his latest photo shoot revealed an unusual detail: He donned red sunglasses similar to those worn by Taylor Swift during her 22 music video. Naturally, this decision did not sit well with Swifties who took to social media as quickly as they could to point out this striking resemblance.

Gyllenhaal addressed this matter in an interview with Esquire, and stated that he did not resent artists who draw upon personal experiences to create art. Furthermore, he denied reports that Taylor Swift wrote All Too Well as about their short-lived relationship and subsequent breakup; lyrics referenced leaving a scarf at Gyllenhaal’s sister’s home which caused quite an uproar when Gyllenhaal accused Swift of fabricating it all for publicity reasons.

However, he did admit to feeling embarrassed about the situation and claimed not having read the lyrics for himself to know whether they refer to himself or not. Finally he added: “Just glad it’s out of my system now!”

Gyllenhaal has since disabled the comments section on his Instagram account. That being said, the actor has been kept quite busy by work – just recently completed filming Spider-Man: Far From Home and has other projects underway including psychological police drama The Guilty directed by Antoine Fuqua as well as forthcoming thriller The Blob.

Gyllenhaal also holds several business interests outside his acting career, including owning production company Proper Content and helping people secure employment within the entertainment industry.

On its website, this company describes itself as an innovative technology platform designed for Hollywood. Apparently it can be useful for those hoping to break into Hollywood.

Gyllenhaal enjoys spending his free time with his family. He and Maggie share two daughters – Ramona and Gloria. Additionally, Bodhi the dog lives with them. Last Hanukkah they gathered as a family to celebrate – Maggie prepared latkes and roast dinner as part of their festivities. Gyllenhaal gave his family gifts, including an item similar to the $100,000 one he reportedly gifted Taylor Swift for her birthday. Additionally, he bought tickets to see Hadestown on Broadway. Family also celebrated with a traditional dinner of turkey, brisket and chicken along with chocolate cake. Gyllenhaal donned a burgundy jacket and Cartier Santos watch for this event and accessorized his look with dark sunglasses. Below are a few photographs from this celebration event.

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