How Much Is Tammy Cochran Worth?

Tammy Cochran found inspiration in Austinburg, Ohio’s rural setting as an ideal setting for her country singing career; yet tragedy struck both early in her life when two of her older brothers died from cystic fibrosis at such an early age.

Cochran’s latest album, 30 Something and Single, employs her difficult life experience of adoption to craft an emotive musical work.

Early Life and Education

Tammy Cochran was raised in Austinburg, Ohio – a small rural town located near Columbus – where she began singing early and won her first talent contest at 12 years of age.

Cochran often draws upon her personal life experiences when writing her music, particularly for “Angels In Waiting.” This song was inspired by watching two older brothers battle cystic fibrosis and ultimately pass away.

Tammy Cochran was profoundly affected by the tragic loss of both of her brothers, which taught her never to take anything for granted. This realization can be found throughout her work today with songs like “Life Happened.” Despite a difficult marriage and subsequent divorce in 1996, Cochran has maintained her ambition of becoming an accomplished country artist.

Professional Career

Tammy Cochran is a gifted performer with an expressive voice who conveys both sadness and happiness in her music. Her performances resonate with fans from diverse ages and socioeconomic backgrounds as her tunes resonate with universal human experiences.

At twelve, Cochran first garnered recognition for her singing talent at a local talent contest. Since then, she has entered more contests and joined a local band; in addition, she has appeared at many fairs, weddings, and clubs across the U.S.

She has endured extraordinary adversity throughout her life, such as losing two older brothers to cystic fibrosis. Through these hardships came an invaluable lesson: take nothing for granted. Inspired by these experiences she wrote songs about them – including one called “Angels in Waiting”, which reached number nine on country charts.

Achievement and Honors

Cochran has made raising awareness of cystic fibrosis her personal mission after two of her brothers passed away from it, touring with CF patients and their families as well as writing songs such as the teary-eyed “If You Can,” which peaked at No. 12 on the country singles chart.

Cochran, following graduation and vocational training, embarked on her pursuit of becoming a singer. Working various low-paying retail, fast food and telemarketing jobs to support herself while playing open mic nights at Nashville venues, Cochran eventually met Shane Decker from Warner-Chappell music publishing whose staff writer offered help putting together demo tapes for shopping around radio stations. Her first single failed at radio, while “Angels in Waiting”, written about her two brothers cracked the top 10 charts accompanied by authentic footage taken directly from home footage featuring authentic family footage!

Personal Life

Tammy Cochran experienced enough grief in her life to inspire one top ten hit song: Shawn and Alan both died of cystic fibrosis, prompting the creation of “Angels in Waiting.”

Cochran’s heartfelt video featuring home movie footage from her family won over millions of fans, marking a turning point in her career that would see her dominate charts and win accolades for her powerful traditional country vocals.

Cochran met Shane Decker, a Warner-Chappell Music songwriter at a Writer’s Night event in Nashville in 1998 and offered to assist her with creating her demo tape before eventually helping sign her to their label. By 2001 she recorded her debut album featuring singles “Life Happened” and “Angels in Waiting.” Since then she has released five more albums including her most recent titled Where I Am.

Net Worth

Cochran has endured immense heartache due to her brothers’ cystic fibrosis diagnosis and subsequent deaths, yet she remained strong and focused on her music career. Additionally, she dedicated much of her time and resources to help other people battling this illness and established the Fight Like A Girl Foundation in 2018 in order to advance research and assist those afflicted by cystic fibrosis.

Her sophomore release saw even greater success, featuring an emotive ballad that recounted her failed marriage and become a hit; cementing her status as a top country artist.

Shane Decker met her at a songwriting event and offered to assist in creating her demo tape. Shane, who worked as a songwriter at Warner-Chappell Music, helped secure Sony Music Nashville as her recording contract provider based on their belief in her talent as a country singer.

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