Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos Discontinued

Taco Bell Discontinues Rolling Chicken Tacos

If you’ve ever visited Taco Bell, then you likely remember their policy of periodically bringing back items popular with customers. It is not uncommon for the chain to discontinue an item that had become popular but then reintroduce it later in the year or even years after its initial introduction.

Rolling chicken tacos were one of these items and have recently made a comeback on the menu. This dish has been popular since 2014 and makes for an ideal option for those wanting to celebrate the holiday season with a special dinner.

Taco Bell offers this dish with either beef or chicken and also offers it in a combo with beef, cheese, sour cream and lettuce for $5. In addition to their popular rolled chicken tacos, the restaurant chain will be adding several new menu items this fall.

Minneapolis residents soon have the chance to experience the Midnight Melt Taco, which features a freshly fried blue corn tortilla shell with an inner layer of melted cheeses, then topped with seasoned beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes. This limited-time menu item will be available starting Tuesday in Minnesota and Orange County restaurants starting Wednesday.

One item that has become a staple on Taco Bell’s menu is the enchirito, an “enchilada wrap” filled with shredded beef, beans and zesty sauce. Although popular among guests at their fast food chain restaurants, customers recently had the chance to vote on what they would like to see return to the menu.

For vegetarians, the Spicy Potato Soft Taco is a favorite. This dish consists of a flour tortilla, crispy potato bites, lettuce and spicy chipotle sauce.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza quickly became a hit, selling out seven times faster than when it first debuted in November 2020. Unfortunately, due to cost-saving initiatives, the Mexican Pizza will soon be gone from their menu.

The Pico de Gallo was another addition to the Fresco Menu that has since been discontinued. This popular Mexican salsa consists of diced tomatoes, white onions and cilantro and was one of the more popular options on offer.

This dish was added to the Fresco Menu in place of cheese, sour cream, and sauce that were previously available. It’s made by mixing equal portions of tomatoes and onions with cilantro and fresh lime juice before mixing everything together.

In March 2001, Taco Bell launched a promotion in which they launched a target into space and offered customers free tacos if any piece of the station fell to Earth. It was an ambitious gamble, but the company managed to avoid any pieces of Mir falling to Earth.

Taco Bell fans have mourned the loss of many popular items over the years, but some remain on their menu.

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