Sunny Anderson Zucchini Bake

How to Make a Delicious Zucchini Bake

As summer winds down, take time to enjoy its last taste: zucchini. These versatile green gourds can be eaten raw, grilled or sauteed and pair beautifully with many ingredients such as Parmesan, feta and lemony goat cheese for delicious results that will satisfy every member of your family – including those who might otherwise turn their nose up at it! For the best zucchini recipes that are sure to please all members of your household.

Zucchini is an impressive vegetable that can be enjoyed in numerous forms: from noodles–or “zoodles”–to cakes and cookies, from its skin being steamed into an irresistibly succulent side dish! But its most beloved form might just be eaten “natural,” such as being stuffed, baked and sauteed during its peak season (June through August). This versatile food makes an exceptional addition to nearly any dish served during its prime period!

Zucchini is an ideal vegetable for grilling, especially when filled with fillings such as sausage or meatloaf. But you can use zucchini in other ways as well, from pasta ribbons and salad to dessert (even low-carb zucchini bread!). And of course zucchini soup provides comfort on crisp fall evenings!

Noting the watery nature of zucchini is key when working with it; therefore, shredding the vegetable and wringing out any excess moisture is recommended before adding to any recipe. A food processor’s shredding attachment may come in handy here, or alternatively a box grater would work just as well.

Add plenty of cheese to your recipe in order to prevent zucchini from turning soggy; this helps create a creamy texture and is one way you can ensure its fresh flavor will shine through. A popular option is zucchini bake – a variation on classic lasagna featuring grated pecorino and smoked scamorza (a cow’s milk cheese similar in texture to mozzarella).

An effective way to use up extra zucchini is making a frittata with it. Not only is it delicious and versatile enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner service but Giada De Laurentiis makes hers with zucchini, ricotta cheese and other seasonal ingredients while Alex Guarnaschelli uses herbs and gruyere as his special ingredients.

Zucchini can make for an irresistibly comforting chili dish that will warm you right up on these first cool nights of fall. Rachael Ray brings plenty of flavor with her Vegetarian Zucchini Chili recipe served over rice.

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