Stock Tank Pools Houston

How to Install Stock Tank Pools

As COVID-19 spread, many families turned to stock tank pools as an inexpensive and straightforward way to stay cool during its pandemic. Stock tanks offer an economical and accessible means of refreshing themselves; making for an inexpensive yet effective means of cooling off in your yard while adding rustic charm that you wouldn’t get with more conventional pools; plus they provide fun ways for children to splash around and cool off!

There are various sizes and types of stock tanks to suit different spaces and budgets, making selection crucial. A galvanized steel tank is the most commonly seen option; these typically range in diameter from two feet to ten feet with either circular or elliptical shapes. Polyethylene tanks can also be purchased in similar sizes as metal ones – however, polyethylene ones tend to crack or break more easily than their metal counterparts should tools accidentally hit them.

Galvanized and polyethylene stock tanks can be purchased from local farm supply stores or online retailers, while you can also purchase complete pool kits containing pump, plumbing, safety equipment such as net, ladder and cover for easier swimming pools. Though these kits may be slightly more costly, you’ll save both time and money by not having to acquire these items separately.

Step one in installing a stock tank pool in your backyard is finding an appropriate location. To prevent sun exposure and heat buildup, place it under shade. Also ensure it’s close to water sources so you can fill and drain as necessary.

As soon as you’ve identified an ideal spot for your pool, the first step should be clearing away any debris from its surface. A pool skimmer should be used daily to remove leaves, twigs and other forms of floating debris; you could also drain and pressure-wash your tank two to three times every season to clear away any dirt that has settled on its base or walls.

Make your stock tank pool stand out by adding some personalization with paint. Whether for dramatic effect as seen here on Life My Style from Carrie Divin, or more subtly like Real Sisters Fixer Uppers’ blue hued pool. Doing this will allow it to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your backyard and house.

Once your stock tank pool has become the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis, invite friends and family over to enjoy it. Add lounge chairs and an umbrella for maximum relaxation in the heat of summer; just be sure to create a safe barrier with fencing or gates so no one accidentally falls in or drowns! For added protection hang mosquito nets around its perimeter as well as use chlorine tablets such as Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Tablets which helps repel mosquitoes from coming near it.

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