Stabbing In Lewiston Maine

An 18-Year-Old Man Is Arrested For Stabbing in Lewiston, Maine, On Tuesday

On Tuesday evening in Lewiston, an 18-year-old was accused of stabbing another individual during a fight at 300 Main Street and was ultimately arrested and charged with aggravated assault; he is currently being held at Androscoggin County Jail on $5,000 bail.

Police have yet to disclose his name while they investigate this stabbing incident.

An individual accused of killing two elderly women as a juvenile was on probation when he allegedly stabbed a neighbor last week, Assistant District Attorney Katherine Hudson-MacRae said Wednesday. She stated this as being in violation of the terms of his probation agreement.

O’Donnell also admitted his guilt in connection with a 1992 homicide where he assaulted and sexually abused an elderly woman, leading to her death. O’Donnell was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration with half suspended according to Hudson-MacRae.

Hudson-MacRae said O’Donnell attacked a neighbor after being released from jail, stabbing them twice in what appears to be an apparent revenge attack, after both instances where he stabbed someone was documented by law enforcement authorities.

Hudson-MacRae claimed that as a teenager he killed two other individuals. In 2006 he stabbed one teen boy in the back before stabbing another 17 year-old in 2007.

Joubert began his murder spree by killing an 11-year-old boy while jogging near Portland’s outskirts; eventually he killed three more children similarly and was eventually found guilty of all three crimes and put to death in 1996, Hudson-MacRae reported.

Cushing was found guilty of stabbing three family members at Old Orchard Beach in 2006. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without ever explaining his motives for doing so.

Oken was found guilty of murdering two individuals: one in Maryland in 1991 and a woman in Kittery, Maine, in 2004. Following the Kittery murder arrest and conviction he was executed.

Aldrich was transported from New Hampshire back to Maine Thursday by jail and police officials and will appear before Androscoggin County Superior Court for an initial appearance on charges of murder on Monday, according to jail and police sources.

On Monday, Larue, who admitted stabbing an innocent Massachusetts resident outside a McDonald’s in Auburn in 2020, was given a 19 year prison term after pleading guilty to Class A manslaughter.

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