Stabbing In Jeffersonville Indiana

Tynae Couts, 27, Charged With Murder in Stabbing in Jeffersonville, Ind.

Jeffersonville, Indiana — A Jeffersonville woman has been charged with murder after finding another dead inside an apartment complex on Monday morning. Police responded to Northtown Terrace complex on National Avenue upon receiving reports of an unresponsive female and confirmed she was deceased at the scene. They believe Tynae Couts (27), had engaged in an “altercation” at that apartment before killing occurred – they have not released a motive behind her actions but remain held without bond on a murder charge.

An apartment resident of Jeffersonville in Smoketown reported early morning of Feb 24 that a woman was shot to death inside. Officers received a call from Tammy Jo Blanton advising them that Joseph Oberhansley, an ex-partner who claimed he lived at her address was outside attempting to gain entry and refusing to leave; officers approached Oberhansley who then agreed to leave after being informed they no longer lived there and told to do so by officer contact – which eventually happened.

On April 1, a man was shot and killed near Russell. According to Louisville Metro Police spokesperson Alicia Smiley, officers responded to a report of gunfire around 8:20 p.m. in the 2300 block of Terrier Court and found an individual suffering multiple gunshot wounds who was later declared deceased at the scene.

The Jeffersonville Courier Journal monitors homicide reports from LMPD and other local departments across Jefferson County to honor victims, closely track cases and inform readers about violence within their community. Since 2017, Jeffersonville has experienced over 100 homicides.

Jeffersonville is an ideal place to reside for many reasons despite its violent past. Just ten minutes from Louisville, this town features beautiful parks and restaurants; access to the Ohio River; stunning sunset views; family-owned businesses galore; proximity to major cities such as Indianapolis, Chicago and Nashville; an exceptional school system offering numerous college student options; as well as access to ample retail opportunities in nearby cities like Louisville.

Due to all these reasons, I’m proud to live and be part of this wonderful community, Jeffersonville. I look forward to a future where all residents can reap its many advantages; and we will work tirelessly together toward making Jeffersonville even greater place for all its residents to call home. Please join me in making Jeffersonville even better by supporting our schools, churches and charities – thank you and God bless. – Joseph Mull, deputy Clark County prosecutor.

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