Spirit Halloween Little Red Riding Hood Costume

The Spirit Halloween Little Red Riding Hood Costume

The spirit Halloween Little Red Riding Hood Costume is an adorable take on a timeless tale! This costume comes complete with red gingham dress and white apron with lace-up details, an oversized hood, and hook-and-loop closure at the neck – making for an unforgettable trick-or-treat experience! This costume will take your trick-or-treating experience to new heights!

What makes this costume particularly irresistible is that it comes complete with an adorable matching wolf wig! For maximum effect, pair this accessory with a furry cardigan and some grandma glasses to look as adorable as pie on your next outing!

How to make this hood: Place one yard of red jersey fabric on an iron-safe surface, fold in half, and use iron hem tape (Images 1 & 2). After the tape has set, turn inside out and use scissors to cut holes at the top where white yarn will be weaved for holding purposes (Image 3).

Looking for the ideal Halloween costume or wanting to create your best Big Bad Wolf impression this year? The spirit halloween little red riding hood costume will ensure that you’ll always be ready! Don’t worry about taking a nap in the woods or waiting around in darkness until someone visits – instead you’ll be too busy having fun!

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