Sophie’s Universe Part 8

Sophie’s Universe Part 8 – Free Crochet Pattern

The vampires’ secrecy is doing them no good. While keeping time travel secrets secret can be manageable, keeping secrets that directly impact people they care for can be troubling – particularly those involving Sophie being a daemon who mated with an actual witch and gave birth – a fact which would have been considered bizarre in modern society and bodes ill for their future as vampires.

Hilde agrees with Alberto that her father has gone too far, yet doesn’t understand how she can stop him. After all, she’s just another character in a novel written by her father that sometimes goes against what it depicts; furthermore she carries around an inexplicable golden crucifix and silk scarf, suggesting something mysterious is going on that no one understands.

Back in Sept-Tours, Marcus and Miriam visit Sophie and Nathan in the hospital and discover that the baby girl they see there has long red locks that resemble Kit’s appearance. Miriam speculates if Kit might be related to Sophie; Sophie thinks otherwise since Kit is pureblooded daemon and doesn’t share any other traits necessary to reproduce with a witch like herself.

Even after all this has gone down, the vampires remain undeterred in their pursuit. They still believe they can beat Congregation but it seems impossible, with so many vampires fighting over inheritance and keeping secrets. Plus, time travel only seems to get more complex as they attempt to escape this universe.

Dedri’s website and eBook include free crochet patterns for Sophie’s Universe Part 8, as well as all of the information necessary for you to craft this breathtaking blanket yourself. Each section is written in great detail and provides step-by-step guidance, making this book feel as if Dedri herself were talking directly to you. There are extra “Notes” pages included that allow for recording yarn details, hook size(s), color per round information and any other useful details. Courtney and Katri are providing more inspiration with their beautiful versions of this CAL project! Thousands of crocheters have already completed it – rest assured you won’t be alone on your crochet journey! Click HERE for the link to download the pattern. On our website you can purchase kits of yarn to make either a Large (5’6″ x 5’6″) or Medium (4’7″ x 4’7″) Sophie. Additionally, there are fun interactive tasks you can use to create your own social media challenge with an exclusive #sophiesuniverse hashtag for each task – have an exciting crochet adventure! Enjoy it all and have fun crocheting!

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