Solange Knowles And Bow Wow

Solange Knowles – Bow Wow Says She’s Just Like Beyonce

Solange Knowles may not have followed in Beyonce’s footsteps to reach the pinnacle of music industry success, but she remains a notable and talented artist in her own right. From fashion designer, deejay, actress, deejaying, deejaying to African culture influence in her style – solange stands out amongst the competition with appearances by acts such as Grizzly Bear and Chairlift!

Solange is only 27 years old but has already made her mark on the music industry. Since her debut in 2003, Solange has released numerous pop and R&B albums such as Sol-Angel and Hadley St. Dreams; A Seat at the Table was critically acclaimed and another business endeavor of hers includes launching Rimmel London fashion lines as well as her own restaurant chain under her own name.

Solange, who first entered Destiny’s Child as a backup dancer at age 13, later filled in for Beyonce when the “Emotion” singer broke her toe on stage. Later she transitioned into singing and writing her own material; when her debut solo album failed to take off she released another effort in 2008 that focused more on Motown-influenced tunes; while in 2012 Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear released True as part of Terrible Records and her second effort is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Solange’s third album was her most critically-acclaimed work to date, receiving five nominations for Grammys and being honored with the Billboard Women in Music Impact Award. Additionally, it became certified platinum within the United States.

Solange has often been compared to Beyonce; however, she asserts that their styles and aspirations differ greatly. Solange favors more traditional approaches in her music and is more interested in storytelling rather than social commentary and political activism.

Bow Wow has long been known for leaking sensitive information, but his latest claim about Solange Knowles and Lil Wayne has taken many by surprise. While appearing on celebrity chat app Clubhouse, Bow Wow casually disclosed that Solange and Lil Wayne once dated. This announcement sent shockwaves through social media sites such as Twitter causing many tweets of shock from stunned Twitter users.

Cedric the Entertainer stars as Nate Johnson, an insurance salesman who embarks on a cross-country road trip in his maroon Lincoln Navigator sporting 26-inch rims and other “thugged out” features following an encounter at a customizing shop. Solange plays Nikki Johnson; her headstrong teenage daughter who prefers fashionable clothing. Also on board for this road trip are D. J. Williams (anaspiring rapper); Vanessa Williams; their daughter Destiny (Solange); as well as D. J’s son D. J.); their wife Vanessa Williams; as well as Destiny (Solange). And finally Solange plays Destiny alongside D J’s dad D J and their dog; all accompanied by their wives Vanessa Williams; their daughter Nikki plays Nikki; while rapper wannabe son D. J.; Vanessa Williams (played by Solange herself); as well as Solange herself (Donna).

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