Ski Chair Lift Swing

Avoiding the Dangers of Ski Chair Lift Swings

Ski lifts are an integral part of any ski vacation. Whether it’s the eight-person chairlift or four-person gondola, they provide an exhilarating ride and spectacular views as you make your way up the slopes. However, as with everything else at a resort, these rides also come with potential risks.

One way to protect yourself against chair lift dangers is by being aware of common mistakes and following some basic safety instructions while riding. For instance, taking off your pole straps before the lift arrives is essential in order to prevent people from getting pushed around or thrown off when it approaches.

Be wary of lateral movement as the lift approaches – Overhead chair and gondola lifts have safety switches that automatically cut in if there is too much motion. This could be caused by wind, skiers wriggling their chairs or cars (which could result in them hitting the lift towers), or people falling or flailing as they get off.

Seating is essential – If you’re not seated correctly, the chair lift may not stop at the top station and your journey could take longer. So always ensure you’re seated as far back as possible on the chair with your back facing forward, and that the restraint bar has been lowered before reaching its destination.

Remember to lower the bar if you’re riding a 2-seater chairlift, as it may swing from side to side and it can be difficult to hold onto it with legs hanging down.

Avoid not sitting in the correct position on a lift – It is common for people not to sit properly, which could lead to them falling out of their chair. This is especially true if they have their back against the wall or someone sitting next to them, which could be particularly hazardous.

Dropping Things – People have often lost items on chair lifts, including their ski poles. This is something that is difficult to recover from.

Neglecting to take your skis off of the rest before trying to lift up the safety bar – If you haven’t taken them off before pushing it up, it won’t go up and could send your leg flying in the air.

Teaching Children How to Act in the Chairlift – When taking children skiing on a chairlift, it is essential they learn how to be safe and not play or wiggle their legs. Doing so could result in accidents and injury for them as well as hurting other passengers on board.

Utilizing a Ski Lift Chair Porch Swing

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