Single Tooth Diamond Grill

What is a Single Tooth Diamond Grill?

A single tooth diamond grill is an item of jewelry worn over either the top or bottom teeth to give its wearer a flashy, glamorous appearance. Constructed out of gold or silver and decorated with various gems, this type of jewelry has become widely popular since the 1990s in hip hop culture; believed to have originated from New York City street culture before expanding further throughout Oakland during mid 2000s.

Cost of grills varies considerably based on design and material used to craft them, including platinum, silver and gold as the most commonly chosen options. Furthermore, diamonds or gemstones used as part of its design will play a factor – typically higher quality diamonds will produce more costly grills.

Teeth grills not only add an edgy and stylish appearance to the mouth, but they can also conceal chipped and damaged teeth – ideal for people wanting to improve their smile without going through full dental procedures. It is important to remember that grills should only be used as accent pieces and should never replace regular dental care; improper maintenance could damage gums and the structure of teeth.

If you are considering purchasing a grill, it is essential that you locate a trustworthy dealer with experience creating and installing such pieces of jewelry. Ask friends and family for recommendations before conducting online research of potential dealers; the ideal dealers will possess an impressive track record and offer guarantees against their work.

Customizing a grill can be done in many different ways, from selecting its style and color of metal, as well as choosing its number and size of diamonds, to adding personalized messages or having one created with special shapes that complement your smile. Keep in mind that diamond-encrusted grills may require additional care than regular teeth since their diamonds may easily stain over time; brushing and flossing regularly is advised in order to prevent dislodging of diamonds from their placements.

No matter if it’s just for starters or something more elaborate, single tooth diamond grills make an excellent way to express yourself and show off your style. There’s an extensive variety of designs and colors available – silver, yellow and white gold are popular choices – as well as solid 10k or 14k gold options instead of plating versions. No matter which metal option you select though, make sure that a professional dealer provides you with high-quality product instead of purchasing cheap options or those covered in fake diamonds plated around their surface.

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