Sibi Blazic Joseph Bale

Christian Bale’s Wife and Family

Christian Bale’s acting career is well-publicized, but he also prioritizes his marriage and family. He’s been happily married to former model and makeup artist Sibi Blazic since January 2000; they eloped in Las Vegas before starting a family together.

Her Career

Sibi Blazic is a former make-up artist and personal assistant to actress Winona Ryder, whom she also collaborated on Stranger Things. She has worked on several of her husband’s films such as Girl Interrupted and Autumn in New York; in addition to that, she had a small role in Ford v Ferrari and The Dark Knight Rises.

Her Net Worth

Sibi’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. She is an accomplished actress and make-up artist who has done a lot of commercial work for clients like Walmart and Target, having graduated with a degree in business from the University of Southern California. Additionally, Sibi holds a degree from UCLA.

She has starred in numerous movies, such as Girl Interrupted and The Dark Knight Rises. Additionally, she had a minor role in Lost Souls.

Her Children

Sibi and Christian have two children, Emmeline Bale (born 2005) and Joseph Bale (born 2014). Both love to travel the world as well as spend time with their friends.

Her Personal Life

Sbia takes her privacy very seriously and prefers not to share personal details with the media. Neither she nor her husband have social media accounts, so there’s little insight into them that can be gained by looking through public records.

Her Relationship With Christinbale

Sibi’s relationship with her husband Christin has been an intensely meaningful one. They’ve been together for over nineteen years, through many ups and downs in their marriage – but she has always been there for him, making sure he wouldn’t be the same man without her support. With no doubt, Sibi wouldn’t be who he is today without him by her side.

They’ve been an amazing team for many years, and their relationship has endured through it all. Even their daughter Emmeline got pregnant with her first child!

She’s an amazing mom to her kids and very proud of them. She enjoys showing them pictures of her family, and even lets them hang out with their dad on occasion!

Sibi’s Kids

Sibi and her husband have two adorable children: Emmeline Bale (born 2005) and Joseph Bale (born 2014). Both of their kids have been active on social media platforms throughout their childhood years.

Her Husband

She is married to actor Christian Bale, whom he met while working as a makeup artist for fellow actor Winona Ryder. Their relationship blossomed quickly and they’ve been happily together ever since!

He and his partner have maintained a private life, keeping their social media and online activities to a minimum. However, they do make occasional red carpet appearances throughout the year for special events.

She has been an incredibly supportive wife to her husband, encouraging him to pursue roles he wasn’t sure he could handle such as American Hustle.

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