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Grammy Winner Ashanti Douglas Shares Shocking Photos of Her Sister Kenashia Douglas

Grammy winner Ashanti took to social media in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, posting shocking images of her younger sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas with bruised and bloodied body parts.

The singer shared the photo with the aim of helping Shia get back on track. The post includes several images of Shia wearing what appears to be underwear and some shocking visuals that have fans wondering if this is an ongoing offender.

Ashanti, best known for her iconic hits from Foolish and Baby, is an advocate of mindfulness, wellness, and holistic living. Recently she launched Wife of Creation (WoC), a unique lifestyle brand that offers products and services to promote healthier living.

Douglas, a self-declared heart-based alchemist, is on a mission to inspire women and men of all ages to practice mindful living. Her latest project, WoC, showcases products and services that support mental health, nutrition, wellness maintenance, and meditation.

She has amassed an enthusiastic following on Instagram, where she posts inspirational pictures and words of wisdom. Among the 226k followers are many women who have been moved by her journey towards happiness and enlightenment.

Early this year, she made headlines for her stunning reveal. She opened up about her terrifying experience with a violent partner and shared an inspiring video about it.

She has since promised to transform how we view abuse and empower those affected by it. But maintaining her reputation and keeping her business on track remains her biggest challenge.

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