Shea Mcgee House Address

Shea McGee House Address

Shea McGee is an iconic figure. As a New York Times bestselling author with an ongoing product partnership at Target and star of Netflix’s hit home improvement show Dream Home Makeover, Shea and husband Syd run Shea McGee Studio; additionally they own McGee & Co ecommerce brand and Shea is set to publish a book this fall.

Shea and Syd founded their company with one goal in mind – “Make Life Beautiful.” After launching their firm in 2014, their unique approach to home decor quickly garnered both clientele and support from followers. Shea has become an industry powerhouse by merging content creation, commerce and design into one powerful force; creating her own line of luxury home goods through McGee & Co.

The McGee family currently reside in Lehi, Utah – approximately 30 minutes outside Salt Lake City – where they purchased land in a peaceful cul-de-sac location away from city life and have begun building their dream home from scratch. On YouTube they’ve even given viewers a full tour of this spectacular house! It will certainly give anyone serious home envy.

Dream Home Makeover films in various locations around Utah. Shea and Syd work on renovations and interior design projects for clients while simultaneously renovating and designing their dream home together. You’ll see them at Studio McGee headquarters in Lehi and their warehouse of McGee & Co ecommerce company.

One of the highlights of Shea and Syd’s show has been watching them interact with their clients. Shea and Syd seem adept at making everyone feel at ease in their presence, which may explain why it has been such a hit. There have been instances, however, which left us confused or perplexed.

Shea and Syd’s Pinterest-esque aesthetic is popular, yet not always suitable for every client’s home. Therefore, it is essential that clients communicate with their designer prior to beginning furniture purchases for their homes.

Shea McGee Studio offers stunning and timeless designs that range from neutrals to pops of color – including modern aesthetics! In the living room, a neutral Masinissa rug by Dash & Albert and linen Barton sofa by Serena & Lily set the scene for this room’s decor. Peacock blue tufted headboard and floral accent pillows (available through Shea McGee Studio’s online store) reflect hues found in nearby greenery. West Elm industrial storage desk and wood-trimmed chair complete this workspace nook; Shea adds whimsical botanical prints from McGee & Co. to soften its modern look.

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