Shawniece Jackson Net Worth

Shawniece Jackson Net Worth

Shawniece Jackson is an esteemed reality TV personality and cosmetologist who first rose to fame after appearing on Coupled at First Sight on Lifetime. Additionally, she owns and operates her own boutique as well as having her own YouTube channel – making a considerable investment into her professional career – earning herself enough income that she will surely increase her net worth exponentially over time.

She was born on 3rd April 1988 in the United States of America, and is known for her extraordinary beauty and incredible talent. With black eyes and hair as well as a slim physique, she enjoys posting pictures to Instagram to show off her stunning look.

Wiki Bio:

She is an American television personality born April 3rd 1988 in Massachusetts with the zodiac sign Aries and raised there.

Personal Life:

She is married to Jephte Pierre and they share one child, Laura Denise. Together they are raising their family happily as parents of only one.

Her husband is an Entrepreneur and Businessman who founded Duey Juice Cocktails. Additionally, he is a fashion blogger and influencer with millions of followers on his Instagram account.

His Instagram feed showcases posts featuring his new products, recipes, lifestyle and personal experiences as a husband and father.

Regarding his relationship history: She is very open about sharing details of her personal life on social media. She remains committed to her family and friends.

About Her Net Worth:

She has established herself as an exceptional and popular TV personality who has amassed a substantial net worth through her professional endeavors as both a cosmologist and television star, adding considerable value to her portfolio.

She was given the Life Path Number 6 which represents compassion, care, and affection towards others. This makes her a compassionate individual with an insatiable passion to assist those suffering.


She makes a substantial income both from her professional career and from the wig business she operates online store selling various styles of wigs; each purchase earns her commission payments as well.

About Her Lifestyle: She enjoys an elegant lifestyle with her husband and daughter in Boston, where they own their home. Additionally, she maintains both a website and an Instagram account where she updates family and life events through photos.

Education: She attended both University of Baltimore in Maryland, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design to study Fashion and Design. Furthermore, she boasts over 7.35K subscribers to her YouTube channel.

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