Serena Williams Puma Suit

Serena Williams at the US Open

Serena Williams is a tennis icon and one of the world’s most acclaimed athletes. In a career spanning more than two decades, she has become an iconic symbol for femininity and power.

Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, has an impressive fashion legacy. Whether it’s a vibrant color-block dress, sleek sportswear set or graphic tribute to Miami, Williams always puts her own stylish spin on everything she wears – both on and off court. There can be no doubt about it: Serena Williams always looks stylish when competing or just hanging out at home.

At the US Open, she’s never missed an opportunity to show off some daring looks. From daring hairstyles and shoes, here are some of her most memorable fashion moments throughout the years.

Her Hair:

In 1999, tennis great Serena Williams donned braided locks with dozens of white beads as she walked to court at the US Open. Her hairstyles have always been daring and unique, and she has been known to sport various hair styles over the years.

She once donned a yellow Puma dress with black pinstripes for her opening tournament of the season in 2000, and later donned a tie-dye Nike outfit during her finals match of 2002.

Her Nike ensemble was custom-designed by her for the Grand Slam of singles in Paris, featuring six layers to represent each of her titles. Adorned with shimmering silver and gold crystals, the piece glowed as she won her fourth singles title at the event.

In 1992, Williams made a fashion statement with this vibrant floral two-piece dress she donned during a tennis match. To complete her ensemble, she added white sneakers and multicolored hoop earrings for added visual interest.

Tennis star Serena Williams returned to the court sporting more vibrant colors and patterns at the 2007 Australian Open, including this neon-green and yellow Nike dress. To complete her look, she paired the dress with matching sneakers and a headband.

In 2013, the tennis superstar returned to her signature color-block dresses and sneakers, this time selecting a vibrant red-and-peach Nike dress that she paired with a matching wristband and sneakers. The ensemble served as an ode to Miami, her home city, as well as her favorite team: the Miami Dolphins.

Her ’90s Style:

Williams was an avid fan of the ’90s decade, wearing a variety of fashions to suit her taste. She often donned sleeveless dresses, shorts and skirts embellished with bold colors or patterns. On more casual days she donned shorts and tanks paired with gold hoop earrings for added effect.

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