Sebastian Team Hero Wars

Sebastian Team Hero Wars

Sebastian Team Hero Wars

In Hero Wars, players can choose to build teams using seven distinct hero roles. The most popular are tank, damage dealer and support. It is important to maintain balance among these roles so you don’t end up with too much of one type over another in your team.

The ideal hero combinations are those that work well together and form an efficient team. These heroes will have a high synergy score because they can effectively attack together.

Selecting the ideal hero combination is paramount to winning PvE and Tower battles in Hero Wars. Popular combinations feature heroes that deal physical or magical damage; these are ideal when you need to quickly take down a powerful enemy.

Certain hero combinations will have higher synergy ratings than others, so it’s essential to research their abilities and strengths before creating your team. A higher synergy score allows your team to do more damage and apply effects than teams without these advantages can.

Krista and Lars can do a lot of damage together due to Mark of Water’s 40% extra damage deal and longer stuns on enemies. Sebastian and Nebula are also strong teammates as they can attack simultaneously dealing both physical and magical damage.


Dorian makes for an excellent teammate when facing off against Elmir, as his healing magic allows Elmir to recover health after any attacks in the back. This makes Elmir much more stable during combat and gives him more capacity for dealing damage against powerful opponents.

Dorian can be effectively combined with other heroes by placing him in the middle of your team alongside a damage-dealing hero like Keira or Orion. This will give Dorian extra health and enable him to heal Elmir while Keira or Orion deal massive amounts of damage with their skillsets.

The ideal hero combo is with a tank like Cornelius or Kai, who will help them survive long enough for your other heroes to do the damage needed to win. Furthermore, this reduces time spent healing heroes and saves money in the long run.

Sebastian’s prototype allows for the promotion of all allied physical attacks, making him ideal for teams needing to increase physical damage and critical hit chance. Unfortunately, his high stats don’t stack up against heroes with counters such as Heidi or Orion that can counter him effectively.

Furthermore, he cannot counter heroes with high physical defense such as Iris or Heidi. Therefore, he isn’t suitable for non-magical attack teams or wizards who require to deal a lot of damage quickly.

This skill does not block skills that deal damage over time, which is especially helpful for heroes such as Celeste and Nebula who can nullify this effect. Doing so ensures your team deals a high number of damaging attacks with an increased chance to do significant damage when needed most.

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