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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has long been a fashion icon, but her career truly took off in 1998 with the hit HBO series Sex and the City. Based on Candace Bushnell’s best-selling book of the same name, the show followed four friends as they searched for their ideal match in New York City. Despite their differences and shifting sex lives, these women remained close-knit and shared secrets together.

As Carrie Bradshaw, Parker was a role model to millions of women around the world for her independent and sexually-charged character. For this accomplishment, she won multiple Golden Globe awards for her work in the show and quickly gained notoriety around the globe.

Since its conclusion in 2004, the actress has kept busy. She’s featured on several other television shows such as Glee and Divorce, plus launched her own production company called Pretty Matches in 2005.

Her passion for fashion has inspired her to open a boutique that features her shoe line and accessories. Drawing inspiration from New York City fashion in the 1970s, this collection offers women the freedom to express their individual style.

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her fashion and beauty lines, as well as being a philanthropist. Through the Sarah Jessica Parker Foundation, she has donated to various causes such as HIV/AIDS research, cancer research, and children’s causes.

She has long been an advocate for women’s rights, serving as the first female president of the National Board of Directors for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Furthermore, she serves as judge for some of fashion’s prestigious awards.

The actress has long been an avid reader, launching her book imprint SJP for Hogarth in 2010. Her debut release was Fatima Farheen Mirza’s novel A Place for Us (2018).

Her passion for style prompted her to launch SJP Collection in 2014; this boutique offers her signature shoes and handbags as well as other fashion items.

Sarah Jessica Parker is an avid reader who appreciates a wide variety of fiction. She especially adores books written by women authors.

She possesses an eye for style and often dresses in vibrant, bold hues. Additionally, she loves to incorporate floral prints into her ensembles.

In her free time, the actress enjoys travelling and has visited over 30 countries. Additionally, she owns a pet dog named Chloe.

Sarah Jessica Parker has had an illustrious film career and been nominated for numerous awards. She began with teen films and made-for-TV movies before landing a role as Steve Martin’s buoyant lover in L.A. Story (1991).

After that, Parker appeared in several middle of the road roles before becoming internationally acclaimed for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. This series was considered groundbreaking at its time, with Parker’s performance being praised by both audiences and critics alike.

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