Santa Fe Bowl California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen – Santa Fe Bowl

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), is an iconic American restaurant chain known for their delicious soup, salad, pasta, pizza, tacos, chicken and power bowl offerings as well as their tempting appetizers and desserts. Their menu caters to gluten-free diets as well as vegetarian and vegan ones; additionally they have various allergy-free items available that may satisfy diners with allergies to eggs, fish, dairy soy or wheat products.

California Pizza Kitchen’s OG BBQ Chicken pizza is one of the best healthy eating choices, boasting just the right combination of cheese and vegetables to provide a filling meal. However, their Santa Fe Bowl contains over 1,230 calories, 38 grams of fat, and high levels of sodium – not the best choice if your goal is weight loss!

CPK offers an assortment of salads suitable for various eating plans, including low-cal and low-carb diets. Their Roasted Veggie Salad is an ideal option for those seeking to reduce carb consumption; featuring quinoa, kale, cilantro, mint radishes avocado bean sprouts with chili-lime vinaigrette as its foundation and topping options such as chicken shrimp or salmon as grilled options.

California Pizza Kitchen also provides several pasta dishes suitable for various diets. Their Bolognese Linguine is one of their lighter choices that pairs well with both their grilled chicken or their shrimp and scallop dishes, while their tomato-basil pasta offers low calories and sodium intake.

CPK provides several low-calorie, filling meals suitable for those on a limited food budget, including an oven-roasted turkey and brie sandwich that’s low in calories paired with baby broccoli or fruit for an even healthier option.

California Pizza Kitchen’s dessert options include pies, cheesecake, and pudding; although these treats are high in calories and sugar content, when enjoyed in moderation they can help improve our relationship with food. For people with food allergies, their interactive menu allows for personalized searching of options that specifically target eggs, fish, dairy, soy or wheat allergies – the website even displays nutritional information for every item, so customers can filter according to what allergies they may have – plus an allergy chart is also provided on-site – although their efforts to avoid cross contamination cannot guarantee all allergen-free foods available to their customers –

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