Sam Trammell Emmanuelle Chriqui Dating

Hospitality’s Emmanuelle Chriqui and Sam Trammell Dating

Emmanuelle Chriqui is best-known for her role as Sloan McQuewick on HBO’s Entourage. Additionally, she has appeared in movies such as Wrong Turn and family comedy The Steps. In addition to acting, singing, and voice acting (such as voice acting Cheetara in ThunderCats), she was previously in a relationship with fellow actor Sam Trammell (known for playing Sam Merlotte on True Blood).

Sam and Emmanuelle have been in a long-term relationship for an extended period, posting several images together on their social media accounts. They can often be found spending time with family, going on vacations together, dining out at restaurants and sharing photographs they take together with fans online. Both parties enjoy photography as hobbies too and often post their images online to their followers.

Hospitality features Emmanuelle Chriqui as Donna, a former prostitute with a heart of gold who runs an isolated bed-and-breakfast. When Cam (Sam Trammell) arrives and asks to rent one of her rooms, Donna quickly puts up her guard; when he makes an offensive comment about her past – which Donna quickly corrected him on – but since he seems legitimately interested in staying there and asked to stay she reluctantly accepts him…though unfortunately he brings along plenty of trouble!

Hospitality is an impressively solid little thriller despite its minimalist and low-key narrative approach and slow first act, building suspense through dynamic performances from Chriqui and Trammell who share an outstanding rapport and understanding of their characters’ motivations. They are further supported by strong performances by JR Bourne (Teen Wolf) and Jim Beaver (Vice Principals).

Though not as ruthlessly or sharp as it could have been, the film remains worth seeing for its three talented leads and its relatively brief running time helps avoid falling into some larger-budget thrillers’ trap of overwhelming the viewer with blood, cars and special effects.

Sam and Emmanuelle have both had an exciting year so far, with Sam landing a leading role in Camilla Rowe’s UFO cult movie Cosmic Dawn while working on other projects, such as creating her new Netflix series. Meanwhile, Emmanuelle has shared with fans what she loves through Talkhouse’s Three Great Things series.

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