Ronnie Magro And Malika

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and Malika Haqq Are No Longer an Item

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz first made his debut on MTV’s Jersey Shore back in 2013, where his relationship with Malika Haqq proved tenuous at best, even before their long-term stint ended abruptly when Haqq recently revealed they are no longer together. Since then, Magro-Ortiz has experienced various relationships that range from short-lived hookups to serious relationships – as evidenced by an appearance on Dancing With the Stars (Dash Dolls).

Magro and Haqq met while participating in Season Two of Famously Single. Eight celebrities shared one home together to work through relationship issues with a therapist; Magro and Haqq began as friends but quickly developed romantic feelings for each other, eventually even getting engaged at one point!

Though their romance may have been short-lived, it appears as though they remain close friends. Most recently, Nicole Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley attended a party honoring Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola for her 30th birthday celebration; both Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley also attended.

After attending a party, it became evident that Ronnie and Malika were still dating – at least according to social media. Both reality stars shared pictures and videos featuring themselves together but suddenly deleted all traces from Instagram; prompting speculation of a breakup.

Sources have told Us Weekly that Magro and Haqq were never an official couple; rather, they simply spent time hanging out as friends.

Regarding their decision to part ways, both parties agree that differences were too great for them to overcome. Haqq likened their relationship to oil and water: “Oil goes well with bread but doesn’t mix so well with water.”

Evidently, they weren’t equipped to deal with the physical violence seen on-screen or Magro’s occasional use of sexism in real life.

However, he was once accused of using sexism toward his co-stars on Famously Single as well. To this charge he denied.

Malika remains open to new relationships; during a recent interview she stated she wasn’t “closed off from anything”. Yet it may take a bit of time before we see Malika back out on the dating scene – she may be busy working on her show for now – for more on that click here.

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