Real World Hollywood Dave

The Real World Hollywood Dave

MTV’s reality series The Real World made its 20th season debut last night and, as anticipated, proved just as controversial as before. This series follows a group of strangers living together in different cities for several months as cameras document their daily lives and interpersonal relationships. Over the years, many cast members have been sent home early due to various issues — be it drugs use, explosive behavior in front of housemates or just plain making people upset — leading to some memorable evictions from The Real World cast.

This week, Clint was sent packing after experiencing several conflicts (one which turned physical). Although his castmates tried their hardest to keep him, Clint made the right decision by staging an elaborate stunt to force his removal from production.

This season of The Real World: Hollywood has seen some incredible celebrity cameos, from an amusing call with Don Cheadle to Dave encountering an unusual $7,000 sex doll; producers have clearly done everything possible to ensure its success.

So far this season, Dave’s duplicitous activities appear to be paying off. He’s made it his mission to eavesdrop on other celebrities in an attempt to use that information against them and ruin their reputations; although this tactic hasn’t proven quite as successful as some of his other stunts, it still managed to embarrass at least some people.

One of the most memorable examples was seen in this episode when Dave attempted to join Rachel McAdams and Jack Harlow for a bathroom selfie at the Met Gala. Undoubtedly this gave Dave an opportunity to leave his mark on them and demonstrate he wasn’t afraid of taking risks.

However, he accidentally joined in on the selfie by smiling very artificially for no good reason, ultimately embarrassing himself more than anyone else. While his intention may have been noble enough, it just made him look foolish instead.

Dave’s animus towards Harlow fuels his desire to strike. Yet in the end, he decides against it because doing so would only further damage Rachel’s reputation and further disfigure his image. We can learn a valuable lesson here: don’t be afraid of taking risks every now and again–just make sure they’re smart ones.

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