Real Housewives Beverly Hills Reunion Trailer

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Trailer

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have returned for their season 12 reunion, and judging from the trailer, things could get very dramatic!

The first part of the reunion will air Wednesday, October 12 at 8 pm; subsequent parts will air during subsequent weeks.

As we reported last month, during the initial part of their reunion, Erika Jayne expressed her opinions regarding Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax as well as Lisa Rinna’s reported Aspen trip meltdown and some shocking details revealed during filming of this episode – making this very special episode in series history! Andy Cohen hinted last month at something else being unveiled while filming this installment and it should prove very informative!

There’s much to be said for how this season has played out, with all of its drama centered around pantygate scandal. Cast members began calling out one another Housewife. It has been an emotional ride for everyone involved; and an upcoming reunion promises to amplify all this tension even further.

As reunion trailers go, this one stands out. From its beginning moments to Kyle Richards reportedly crying and asking to skip out on her traditional ending toast; everything about it makes you uncomfortable and suspenseful!

Meanwhile, Kathy Hilton is offering up her side of the story, one that clearly weighed heavily in Kyle’s mind after what she was said to have said about other women during Aspen trip. According to preview clips released prior to airtime, Kathy will likely attack Lisa Rinna by questioning her credibility and accusing her of acting “bully-like.”

Lisa Rinna attempted to explain that she was upset over what Hilton reportedly said during their Aspen trip and threatened to ruin Bravo as well as other RHOBH ladies.

Although, despite all this, Lisa gives us a glimpse into her feelings towards Kyle; and it appears she doesn’t hold much sympathy for her. Lisa calls Kyle an “utter wreck,” while adding that they must “leave together in better conditions than when they came.”

Unfortunately, the preview did not give enough of an insight into Kyle’s thoughts during filming; she appears to be experiencing some sort of tension with her sister during this process. While we don’t yet know whether this topic will be explored further in Part 4 of Reunion, chances are high that this episode will feature a heated confrontation between these two sisters.

Kyle and her friends may not be prepared for all that will come their way at this reunion, especially with threats of yet another fight between Kathy and Lisa being in the air. It appears as if this event won’t end well for any Housewife involved.

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