Rae Williams The Ultimatum Birthday

Rae Williams, Zay Wilson, Madlyn Anderson, Alexis Maloney and More!

Rae Williams stars as one of the couples featured in Netflix series The Ultimatum. This reality show depicts their romantic lives.

Since its release on Netflix streaming service, this show has become an instantaneous success, leaving audiences wondering which couples from it are still together and whether any have even made the leap into marriage since. Here we take a look at which couples from the show remain strong today – some even got married since!

Zay Wilson and Rae Williams

After two and a half years together, these former lovebirds are no longer ready to tie the knot. Instead, both parties want to explore what comes next in their relationship on the show and are excited to find out where things stand between them.

Shanique Imari

Although two years younger than her partner Randall Griffin, Shanique does not share his desire for marriage. Instead, she wants to focus on her career and save up for the future, while Randall wants to travel and start a family while Shanique may not yet be ready.

Collby Melohn at 26 was one of four men on The Ultimatum who issued ultimatums to potential partners during its inaugural season, looking for someone he felt secure with and would make him feel safe.

Madlyn Anderson

Although Madlyn isn’t one of the oldest women on the show, she and Colby have been in a relationship for approximately one and a half years now and share similar interests such as traveling and finding balance between work and leisure activities.

April Marie, 23, is one of the younger ladies on The Ultimatum and hopes to find someone who can provide her with a brighter future. While she’s open to getting married and starting a family in the future, April hasn’t quite decided yet whether this is something she is ready for yet.

Alexis Maloney is an inspiring beauty and skincare entrepreneur. With over 215,000 Instagram followers and plenty of bikini shots on her page, she is also a makeup artist offering personalized shoutout videos through Cameo account.

Alexis and Hunter Parr became engaged after appearing together on the show. Although they had known one another prior to it, they decided to give romance a chance and see where it leads them. They married the summer of 2022 in Greece as planned and enjoyed their honeymoon there.

Nathan Ruggles is a military vet and lists his age as 27 in his Instagram bio. Additionally, he’s also an ex-footballer; his Instagram is filled with images showing him playing.

Lauren Pounds, born under Taurus sign, and currently engaged to Nathan Ruggles has been dating him for an extended period. Additionally, she’s an ex-footballer – her Instagram page features photos from games as well as candid snaps with both he and Lauren together.

The cast of The Ultimatum is comprised of numerous individuals who are all quite open about their lives on social media. All are highly popular individuals who remain friendly even after filming has concluded.

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