Quickie In A Car

Having a Quickie in a Car

A car is a great place to go if you need to be quick. You can stretch out and do some fun poses. If you’re sitting in the back, you can try a cowgirl or dog pose. Or a missionary position if your in the front. Be careful not to slip and get caught.

Before you start, make sure the car is in a well-lit area. Avoid busy roads and avoid driving in residential areas. Hand sanitizer and toiletries are also useful. Be sure to wear clean clothes. It’s safer to do a quickie at evening than during the day.

To protect your skin, keep a towel handy while you are in the car. You don’t want to get a leather burn! Make sure you warn your partner if you’re planning on doing this. It can be dangerous, even though you may think it’s harmless. You don’t want it to cause harm to your partner, or to the car’s interior.

Sex in a car can be awkward. You might feel uncomfortable with your partner and they may not be able to see you on time. But if you have a little planning beforehand, you can still make it a quickie in the car. Comfortable clothes are a must. You will feel more comfortable.

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