Promise Ring Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

A promise ring is an elegant symbol of your love and commitment to your partner. While there are plenty of rings available, there are some things you should consider before purchasing one. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at promise rings and give you all the info necessary for making an informed decision on what type of ring best suits your lifestyle.

Ariana Grande Engagement Ring

In December, pop star Ariana Grande announced her engagement to estate agent Dalton Gomez after dating for over a year. Their union was made even more memorable with Ariana’s unique engagement ring.

This stunning ring boasts an oval diamond and pearl! It is estimated to be 3 carats, making it especially sentimental for Grande. Additionally, Ariana’s birthstone was chosen as the pearl!

Experts estimate the ring to cost around $750,000. Not only is it custom designed, but its diamond is of exceptional quality with good clarity.

Grande selected the Pearl as her symbol of eternity, as it’s the same hue as her grandfather’s tie pin. When her grandfather passed away, Grande’s grandmother gave her this ring and told her it would guide her in life.

Pearl rings are a timeless choice for an engagement ring, often referred to as a toi et moi ring – meaning “together forever.”

This romantic and symbolic design makes it the ideal ring for an engaged couple. Furthermore, it’s incredibly affordable, coming in various styles.

Fans have been captivated by this ring, who fans were able to see up close on Grande’s Instagram account. Constructed out of yellow gold, its band features an exquisite oval diamond and pearl set in the center.

This ring features an oval cut diamond on the right side and a pearl on the left. The brilliant diamond is set within a platinum band for stunning visuals when Grande wears it on her finger.

This Toi Et Moi-inspired ring was handcrafted by jeweler Jack Solow. According to Solow, this custom piece was specifically tailored for Dalton who took updates personally on its progress throughout the process!

This ring stands out due to its asymmetrical design. It showcases an oval diamond that’s slightly tilted, as well as a stunning round freshwater pearl on the other side of the band.

It’s an exquisite piece that was tailored specifically for her and Dalton’s relationship! Although more conservative than some celebrity engagement rings, this ring still looks stunning.

This ring is an exquisite piece of artwork and the ideal present for someone special! You can purchase this ring online and have it delivered right to your door!

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