Princess Car Seat

The Disney Princess Car Seat

Designed to keep your little princess safe in your car, the Disney Princess car seat uses the latest in safety technology. Instead of requiring seat belts, it can be secured with two standard connections and a Superior locking mechanism. The Isofix system also helps ensure maximum safety in all crashes, preventing the seat from flipping or shaking.

This Disney-inspired seat covers both the headrests and seat in hot pink fabric. It is also padded and features a Princess label over the headrest. These covers are made to protect your child’s head from scratches and provide comfort. The foam padding will protect your child in case of a crash.

A princess car seat is not only warm but also adorable. A beautiful gift for a new mom, it is also functional and a practical necessity. Car seats need to last for the lifetime of a child, so it’s important to choose a seat that will grow with them. The Disney Princess car seat has a multi-stage design that will allow it to grow with your child.

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