Polly Pocket Car

Polly Pocket Car

A new Polly Pocket toy car is hitting the market this month. This adorable car comes with secret surprises, including heart shaped hubcaps, a car wash environment, and a micro Polly doll. This toy will delight any girl who loves cars. Polly is a charming character that will delight young girls.

It’s not cheap, however, and an original sealed set from 1996 is selling for over $2,100 in the UK. But the popularity of Polly Pocket toys has only grown. Now, a Polly Pocket car in its original packaging from 2008 is fetching more than $10,500 in the U.K.

Chris Wiggs founded the Polly Pocket brand in 1983. Bluebird Toys licensed the line until 1998 when Mattel bought Bluebird Toys. The line was relaunched by Mattel. The dolls now have larger feet and heads thanks to the addition of Cutants by Mattel.

Polly wants to take her friends to the mall for her birthday. First, she needs to pick up four friends. One of them is Lia, who has an eye for fashion. Another member of the group is Shami, who is sporty. And the fourth friend is Todd, who is a fun-loving boy.

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