Playa Vista Car Wash

Playa Vista Car Wash and Gas

Playa Vista Car Wash and Gas, located in Culver city, is your one-stop shop to get your vehicle washed, detailed, fuelled, and other services. There are VIP and Unlimited car washing services available as well as the best gasoline in the market. The staff are friendly and professional and the cars are washed quickly.

After a visit to Playa Vista Car Wash and Gas, customers can expect their car looking like new. This Culver City carwash also offers service for trucks and large SUVs. This location is open seven day a week, Sundays included. It has been in business for more than six years and has been one of the best car wash locations in Culver City.

In addition to standard car washes, Playa Vista Car Wash also offers complete paint restoration. Wheel dressing and tire degreasing are two other services that are offered by Playa Vista Car Wash. The car wash uses an air gun detailing machine that cleans both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The average grade of a car wash is 7.1.

Hernandez began an investigation at Playa Vista after receiving a CLEAN referral. Hernandez conducted surveillance at Playa Vista, two inspections on-site, and issued an “inspection warrant”, on March 9, 2018. Hernandez interviewed 19 carwash workers as part of the investigation, including Dominguez and Jacobo.

Playa Vista Car Wash is appealing the citations and fines. However, the owners refuse to comment. They claim the investigation was flawed, and that they paid for an auditor to determine if they overpaid employees. Playa Vista hasn’t been paying workers for more than three years. The company appealed the fine.

Workers at Playa Vista told different stories. They said that their pay structure had been changed when Nissani took over. As a result, workers were forced to work beyond their eight-hours-per-day schedule. They were often asked to work long hours off the clock and were not paid overtime.

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