Pippa Middleton Fake Pictures

Pippa Middleton Fake Pictures

On the day of her sister’s 2011 royal wedding, Pippa Middleton was an unknown socialite whose only claim to fame was her formfitting bridesmaid dress that stole the show from her big sis. She quickly earned herself the moniker ‘HRH, her royal hotness’ due to all the attention she received from a global audience watching the ceremony.

As a bridesmaid at Westminster Abbey, Sarah Burton donned an elegant Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown that showcased her figure. The silky garment featured pearls and lace embellishments that certainly caught the attention of those in attendance.

Later that night, however, she made history when she walked down the aisle and into her own spotlight. For one moment, the world’s media were mesmerized by her figure-hugging bum; images of her thighs, hips and buttocks appeared across tabloids around the globe – sparking an instant sensation.

Pippa’s constant media scrutiny has made it difficult for her to lead a normal life. Aside from being the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, she also has two young children to care for and works part-time at her parents’ company Party Pieces while editing the web magazine she created.

Last May, she was a guest at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. As a bridesmaid, she made an emotional entrance as Kate led her down the aisle.

Since her wedding, she has continued to be in the media spotlight. She serves as an ambassador for Mary Hare School for deaf children in Berkshire, is part of the British Heart Foundation and contributed a book series written by Martha Mumford called Royal Baby Book 1.

In addition to her public appearances, she’s the chief party planner for her sister’s first birthday. But her abilities don’t stop there; she also loves cooking and fitness.

Her bronze glow isn’t always natural

Even with her hectic schedule, she still finds time for her favorite things like traveling and reading. Plus she is an active volunteer raising money for charities like Too Many Women which supports breast cancer research.

Her passion for food and fitness has also motivated her to keep fit. She’s run a marathon at 5,500 feet, as well as recently finishing a 54-mile bike ride.

She is an accomplished photographer, having captured thousands of pictures for her mother and sister’s media empire. Additionally, she possesses expertise on royal events.

Since their older sister Kate married, the family’s popularity has grown exponentially. They are regularly photographed together as a unit, including during trips to Paris.

Photographs of the Royal family have been taken in some unusual positions. Artist Alison Jackson has created several images featuring Pippa with her husband Harry while their siblings stand beside them.

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