Pink Bug Car

Volkswagen Announces Pink Bug Car

Volkswagen is set to release a special edition pink bug car soon, with proceeds from the sale going towards breast cancer research and care. The concept car was unveiled at the New York Auto Show. It features a metallic fuchsia exterior and gloss black trim. It’s expected to start at $31,375.

The pink Bug will come in both a coupe or convertible body style. Volkswagen has released a limited edition model in striking metallic fuchsia to show its love for the car. The pink Bug will come in coupe and convertible body styles as well as matching pink plaid seats.

Unlike the original, the Beetle comes in a pink color. This particular version was inspired by Prince. The car’s pink metallic finish has a bluish tint and is offset by gray side moldings and door mirror housings. It also comes with a unique front bumper modeled after the Beetle R-Line.

Volkswagen has waited for a long time to bring a pink Beetle color-edition to its lineup. With its striking exterior and impressive interior features, it’s easy to see why it’s the most anticipated car of the year. Volkswagen also hinted at a limited production run for the pink Bug.

The Bug was available in North America in two versions: the Super Beetle or the standard Beetle. The sliding-steel sunroof was available in the Super Beetle version. It cost less than the standard Beetle, and had the same exterior trim.

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