Philippe Pozzo Net Worth

Philippe Pozzo Net Worth

Whether you are just a fan of the movies or you are a film buff, you have probably heard the name Philippe Pozzo. He is one of the most famous French filmmakers. His movies have received awards and nominations. He has also been involved in many other projects. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

Life after paragliding accident

During a paragliding adventure, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo broke his neck and became paralyzed. A former director of Pommery Champagnes, Philippe was unable to do simple morning ablutions. After the accident, he found himself in deep depression, but was saved by an Algerian caretaker. After three years, he was determined to get his life back on track. He wrote a book about quadriplegics, and he eventually became a French writer.

A Second Wind tells the story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a French writer who was paralyzed after a paragliding accident. The accident occurred in the Savoyard reliefs of Mont Bisanne in the Swiss Alps in 1993.

The accident occurred while Philippe was distracted by thoughts of laid off workers at his company. He also lost his wife Eleonore to cancer. Several years later, he published his autobiography, a book that became an instant best seller.

In A Second Wind, Pozzo di Borgo describes the importance of physical closeness, sexual desire, and desire. He also discusses the role of a caregiver, and how much he relies on it.

Film career

Among the renowned names in the film industry, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is one of them. This French businessman owns the Pommery company. He has also appeared in various films. He has also written several novels. He is the godfather of “Soulager mais pas tuer”, which is an association that campaigns against euthanasia.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was born in Tunis, Tunisia, and grew up in various places. He then went to school in London and Trinidad. After completing his education, he began working in the champagne industry. He became director of Pommery. He married Beatrice Henriette Lucie ROCHE in 1973, but she died of cancer in 1996. He then married Khadija Najimi in 2004. He has two daughters with her. They live in Morocco. He is a sponsor for the organization UP for Humanness. He owns a hotel particulier in Paris. He estimated his net worth to be around $25 million.

The story of Philippe and Abdel’s life was also told in a documentary called A la vie, a la mort. After the film’s release, the story became a popular book. It also inspired the movie The Intouchables.

Social media accounts

Besides being a successful businessman, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo is a social media savvy man. He is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He is the former proprietor of an ancient hotel in Paris. He is also a self-proclaimed motivational speaker.

He is also a philanthropist. He has donated billions of dollars to charities around the world. He is a descendent of prominent French families. He has a daughter, Widjane. He also has an impressive education. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a member of the prestigious Pommery Company. He is also the director of a famous French liqueur brand. He is a good friend of Nicolas Cage. He also has a son.

The Intouchables is a film that was released in November of 2011. It was directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. It starred Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart. The film was a box office success. The film grossed about 55 million dollars worldwide.

Married life

Among other things, the French businessman and author Philippe Pozzo di Borgo has written a bestseller that inspired a movie. He has also appeared in films and is a motivational speaker. The author has two children with his second wife Khadija Najimi.

The story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo’s life is quite inspiring. The man suffered from a paragliding accident in 1993, which left him with quadriplegia. His life was lonely and he was unable to care for himself. His caretaker, Abdel Sellou, reawakened his life. The two men began a remarkable friendship.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was born in Tunis, Tunisia, on 14 February 1951. His family is rich and noble. He is the grandson of the French Duke Pozzo di Borgo. He is also the son of Charles-Andre Louis Gontran Robert Pozzo di Borgo and Jacqueline Marthe Louise Henriette de Vogue.

Philippe’s first wife Beatrice Henriette Lucie ROCHE died of cancer in 1996. Philippe was reluctant to marry again. He opted for a second wife, Khadija NAJIMI, whom he married on 22 November 2004. Their daughter Na Pozzo di Borgo was born in 2006.

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo has become a successful French entrepreneur. He owns a hotel in Paris, Particulier. He is also the owner of the Pommery Company. He has a net worth estimated at around $1 million. He is also the author of the bestseller Intouchables, which inspired the film of the same name.

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