Pet Paint Net Worth 2022

How Much Will Abe Geary Be Worth in 2022?

Considering the popularity of paint and the amount of money that is being spent on it, it should come as no surprise that the pet paint net worth will continue to grow. However, just how much will Abe Geary be worth in 2022? The answer is interesting. Here are some factors that may play a role in determining Geary’s fortune.

Abe Geary’s net worth

During Shark Tank episode 508, Abe Geary pitched PetPaint, a non-permanent colored hairspray for dogs. The product is veterinarian tested and safe to use. PetPaint has been a success for Abe. In fact, he has already received a purchase order from PetSmart for a 50-store test. The product has also been used by animal rescues and parades. Despite being self-admittedly niche, PetPaint has continued to grow.

After appearing on the show, Abe’s business made $70,000 in sales. He is now forecasting $200,000 in sales by the end of the year. He has also taken advice from the sharks on online sales and marketing. However, he is still on the fence about an equity deal with Barbara Corcoran.

Abe has invested $240,000 into his business, Creative Displays. He started PetPaint, a colored hairspray for dogs, in 2010. He also owns a trade fair exhibit business. In the future, he hopes to get national retailers with PetPaint.

In the meantime, Abe has been expanding the product line to include doggie diamonds. He also has patents pending on key ingredients. He has also conducted extensive testing for toxicity. In fact, he has done so much testing that he believes his product is the safest dog hair coloring product on the market.

Abe Geary’s career

Inventor Abe Geary’s career in pet paint is off to a roaring start. Last year, PetPaint’s sales reached $1 million. Geary has spent nearly two years researching the product’s viability. His goal is to make dog-friendly colors available to all.

Geary has honed in on dog groomers and retailers, and is marketing his brand directly to these businesses. He says he’s made a “substantial amount of sales” in the past year, and plans to grow to $200,000 this year.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Geary’s website saw a 55,000% increase in traffic. He also turned down a funding offer from the show, which would have given him 60 percent of the company. He decided to keep his day job, but still took some of the advice he learned from the show.

Abe Geary was the first to develop a dog-safe, colored furspray. His product is veterinarian approved and easy to use. It dries in twenty seconds and is washable. In addition, PetPaint comes in eight shades and has stencils.

Geary’s business is based out of Southern California. PetPaint will be available at 1,300 PetSmart stores across the United States and Canada on February 23. PetPaint is also available for purchase on Amazon. It comes in a variety of shades and can be painted on dogs, including cartoon characters and zebras.

Abe Geary’s education

Having been an entrepreneur in the aviation industry for close to thirty years, Geary has a lot of experience to draw upon. It’s no wonder he’s been awarded a certificate of appreciation from the city of Norfolk for his efforts in the aviation industry. He’s been a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s aviation division and served on the board of directors of the Norfolk Airport Authority. He’s also been named as the state’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990. Regardless of his many accolades, he remains humble and approachable. He and his wife Phyllis have five adult children. Aside from his work in the aviation industry, Geary has also spent a large part of his career on the front lines of downtown Norfolk revitalization.

One of his most impressive achievements was installing the state’s first flight path lighting system. Another was installing the aforementioned lightshow. Aside from his many accolades, he’s also been the recipient of a certificate of appreciation from the city of Hampton, Virginia. This isn’t to say that Norfolk, Virginia is his home base. He currently divides his time between Norfolk and Virginia Beach, where he’s a part-time resident. Besides his day job, he’s also the proud owner of DEG Enterprises, Inc.

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