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Peggy Gou is a South Korean DJ and fashion designer. She is known for her music and dances. She has performed with The Black Madonna and DJ Koze. She has also released a few EPs on various labels. She is known for her work with grime and acid house.


Several luxury automakers are turning to musicians and artists to reach new audiences. Porsche is one of these brands. They are now collaborating with musicians such as DJ Peggy Gou.

The South Korean DJ is a global figure in the music industry. She plays in many clubs around the world. In addition to her music, she is also an accomplished fashion designer. She owns a beautiful home in Berlin.

She has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her music career has spanned several record labels. She has released seven EPs. She has also launched her own clothing brand. She is one of the most prominent female DJs in the world. She has also played with famous DJs such as The Black Madonna.

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Despite her being a South Korean, Peggy Gou is a well-known figure in the international dance music scene. She has been known to play live at venues around the globe. In fact, she plays more than 100 live shows per year. She has also performed at Viril Abloh’s Off-White fashion show and Coachella. She has also been involved in a few films. She has also created her own clothing line, Kirin. In fact, she is one of the most sought after female musicians in the world.

While Peggy Gou is no stranger to the music scene, her first foray into the music industry occurred in her teenage years. In fact, her brother was the one who introduced her to the musical arts. Luckily for Peggy, she was interested in music and began classical piano lessons at a young age. As she grew older, she moved to London to study English and fashion.


Described as the coolest DJ in the business, Peggy Gou is a Korean DJ who has carved a niche for herself by releasing an independent record label and creating her own clothing line. She has also been credited with breaking the barrier in electronic music. She has toured the world and was a DJ at the Glastonbury Festival last summer. She is also known for her fashion forays, having teamed up with Ray-Ban, The Black Madonna and Honey Dijon. In March, she will release an EP on Ninja Tune.

In addition to her music, Gou has also launched her own fashion line, which is sponsored by Virgin Abloh, the sartorial guru of the electronic music world.


Known as Peggy Gou, this South Korean DJ has become the most in-demand DJ in the world. With a reputation for blistering acid, strung out disco and house music, she’s been able to capture the hearts of dance music fans around the world. As well as releasing her own records, she’s become a fashion entrepreneur, creating her own line of Kirin clothing, accessories and Gudu Records.

A fan of a variety of music, Gou has a knack for finding the perfect pairings of genres. Her DJ sets often reflect her open-ended musical philosophy. She draws inspiration from many different musical influences, incorporating elements of house and techno into her compositions. She’s also known for her unique personality. This can be seen in her performances, where dancers move as a rowdy, energetic organism.

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