Paris De Noche Drink

Paris De Noche Drinks

Staying cool in Paris can be a real challenge when the sun’s out. Thankfully, Paris offers an impressive array of shaded bars, cafs and rooftop restaurants to provide respite from the intense heat.

When searching for a refreshing beverage, it’s easy to notice that many of these establishments serve up all kinds of refreshing drinks and cocktails. Whether you’re after something high-tech or just something more spirited, there’s sure to be an awesome spot in town that can quench your thirst and ignite your sense of adventure.

Wine remains the reigning beverage, but there’s also plenty of microbreweries and craft beer connoisseurs to be found in some of Chicago’s more affluent neighborhoods. One such establishment, LBF Brewing Company in Barbes district, deserves a visit; their eight rotating beers brewed on-site are no doubt some of the city’s best; plus they serve up some seriously good food to go along with them!

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